Elmgreen & Dragset

(Denmark / Norway) Michael Elmgreen, *1961 in Copenhagen / Ingar Dragset, *1969 in Trondheim

Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset have been an artist duo since 1995. Since then, the two Scandinavian artists, who live in Berlin, have not only shown their own works all over the world, but have also jointly curated exhibitions – for example, “The Collectors” in the Danish and Nordic Pavillions at the Venice Biennale in 2009, or the Istanbul Biennale of 2017. Elmgreen & Dragset often devote their attention to the institutional framework behind contemporary art – ie. to the art scene and the staging of exhibitions. Does a work only become art if it is shown in the right place and in the right way by the right institution? Does the museum in fact create art? In Blickachsen 12 also, the installation “Force Majeure, Fig. 2-4”, addresses a theme that is normally dealt with behind the scenes. The term “force majeur” means in effect an act of God, something beyond control; a formula that releases contracting parties from liability for an unalterable event. The three bronzes in this installation are modelled on crates for transporting artworks. Tipped over like dominoes, they lead the observer to wonder what could have happened: is this an unfortunate accident, or the metaphorical collapse of an entire system?