Claus Bury

(Germany) *1946 in Meerholz/Gelnhausen

After attending Pforzheim School of Art and Craft, Bury spent long periods abroad, eg. in the U.S.A., financed by scholarships. Bury’s artistic method is often compared to that of an architect: in developing the aesthetic strategies for his large sculptures, he makes construction sketches and wood models which are later used by the craftsmen in the final construction. Bury’s monumental wooden walk-in sculptures, always specifically linked with their location, focus on the relationship between sculpture and space. Symmetries, axes and geometries, lines, angles and segments of circles, walls, steps and beams are all dynamically interrelated. As professor in the faculty of architecture at the University of Wuppertal, Bury set out his ideas on the intersection between sculpture and architecture. Since 2003, he has taught sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg.


Blickachsen 4

Blickachsen 3