Carl Andre

(USA) *1935 in Quincy, Massachusetts

The American object artist Carl Andre is one of the leading representatives of Minimal Art. His works were shown in the ground-breaking “When Attitude Becomes Form” exhibition in the Kunsthalle Bern, as well as in the documenta 4 and 7 exhibitions. Characteristic for his sculptures of the early sixties are prefabricated components, combined into geometric shapes, functioning as parts of a whole. After meeting Frank Stella in 1958, Andre began to work in his studio. Here, he created pyramid-like objects out of identical wood beams. From 1960 to 1964, Andre worked as a shunter for the Pennsylvania Railroad which proved decisive for his later work. This is evident, for example, in “Lever” (1966), a line of bricks strung together, or in his famous ground works in metal after 1967.


Blickachsen 4