Auke de Vries

(The Netherlands) *1937 in Bergum

Metal sculptures made up of geometric forms characterize the oeuvre of Auke de Vries. The Dutch artist variously combines discs, rods, cones, cylinders and spheres painted in cheerful colours into light and playful-seeming constructions that in reality often weigh tonnes. At “Blickachsen 10” de Vries is showing an untitled object from his series “Living in Trees”, with which he conquers and redefines airspace. An architecture of small, interlocking elements – colourfully painted cuboids with window-shaped openings, pointed forms, conical objects, spheres and flag-like ribbons of steel – is mounted on a disc. The fantastical structure is attached to a bough overhanging the stream in the Niederhöchstadt Sculpture Park in Eschborn and is stabilized by slender steel cables running to the surrounding treetops. Despite its size, it seems to float overhead and draws the viewer’s gaze upwards. Strange flying machine, outsize birdhouse or giant children’s toy – Auke de Vries’s sculpture narrates stories, creates room for a new view of the world and invites the viewer to embark on a flight of fancy.


Blickachsen 10

Blickachsen 6