Anthony Caro

(U.K.) *1924 in London; †2013 in London

From 1951 to 1953, Anthony Caro worked as an assistant to Henry Moore, but he soon turned away from Moore’s sculpture, with its emphasis on natural physicality and cast bronze. Anthony Caro’s work is strongly influenced by the welded steel sculptures produced by the American David Smith. As a creator of abstract steel sculptures, Caro has himself emerged as one of the central and most important figures in modern sculpture. Since the 1980s he has explored in his work the dialogue between sculpture and architecture: the result he calls “Sculpitecture”, works that play with forms that are derived from both architecture and sculpture and combine to form interiors that can be entered. The very title of Caro’s work “Forum” addresses its architectural aspect. On a low plinth different geometric shapes stand like models for individual sculptures or forms of architecture on a plaza. Arranged on a joint surface, the elements cease to be isolated and instead blend to form a sealed, ostensibly usable space. A piece by Anthony Caro was presented at the very first “Blickachsen” exhibition in 1997.


Blickachsen 6

Blickachsen 1