Andreas Bee

(Germany) *1959 in Bad Lippspringe

Andreas Bee intensely engages in his work with materials as varied as steel, lead, wood, plaster, wax, paper, PVC foil, and polyester resin. This variety in and of itself reveals a great interest in the material used, which Bee often almost seems to overtax. Despite the enormousness of his works, they seem almost weightless, since they are largely focused on a carcass or skin and seem to float. The large ring exhibited in Bad Homburg, Homburger, is reminiscent of a life buoy, an effect that is underscored by his placement on the shore of the Kurpark pond. At the same time, the life buoy here presented has no function: no one could be saved with such a huge life buoy – nor will anyone have to be, since the pond’s not even a metre deep. In this way the glowing white of the work, the round, doughnut-like shape transform the site into an art space.


Blickachsen 5