(Spain) *1957 in Pollença/Mallorca

The human figure runs as a leitmotif through the entire work of the Spanish artist Amador. In recent years, the artist has made a series of so-called Germinacions (germinations). These figures are created in open nature, on the earthy ground. The artist pours a milky fluid into the hole, a polyurethane foam used as a sealant in construction. Like magma or yeasty dough, it begins to bubble and expand. As the material hardens, its volume increases. Slowly, the metamorphosis comes to a standstill. Now freed of the grime of the earth – although some soil stubbornly sticks to the form – highly expressive, strangely mummy-like shapes result. These budding seedlings still bear within them the potential of becoming human. The act of creation is apparently still in flux; a final form has not yet been found. The work shown here, Germanicions, is the bronze cast of such a figure. Complementing this work, Vigías represents a tent-like housing for these beings, and invites in its accessibility to visit them, and to become more familiar with them.


Blickachsen 5