Deutsche LeasingDeutsche Leasing AG


“The festival of sculpture in Bad Homburg v.d.Höhe, the seat of our corporate headquarters, provides a richly eventful experience to which we are pleased to make our contribution” > read more 

Freunde der BlickachsenFriends of Blickachsen

"The Friends of Blickachsen are citizens who are committed to promoting a sense of community and are pleased to be able to make their contribution to the support of Blickachsen" > read more

KPMGKPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft


"To gain new perspectives, it's often necessary to adjust the view. This is true not only in ways art is seen and perceived but also in the way KMPG operates. 'Blickachsen' encourages this adjustment. We, at KPMG are honored to be able to support such an inspirational exhibition." > read more

Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMainKulturfonds


“New perspectives on Bad Homburg and Frankfurt RheinMain. 'Blickachsen 9' once again presents superb works of art by leading sculptors from four continents. The Kulturfonds is delighted to support this ‘world sculpture exhibition’. >read more 


 Stefan QuandtStefan Quandt

“I fully support this exhibition, not only from the bottom of my heart as a citizen of Bad Homburg, but also out of conviction as an entrepreneur.” > read more