Guided Tours and Events

For Blickachsen 12, our team of art historians has once again developed a broad range of tours and workshops.

Our programme takes a variety of forms, whether designed for children, young people or adults, and from non-professionals to art experts – and will make a visit to the Sculpture Biennale  a very special experience.

The range of public tours on offer (in German only), for which no registration is necessary, comprises regular general tours giving an overview of the exhibition in the Bad Homburg Kurpark and the Schlosspark, as well as two thematic tours specially created for Blickachsen 12, on “Dreams, Trees and Sculpture. Spatial concepts in contemporary sculpture” and “INTERaction: sculpture and me”.

In addition, individual group tours for private groups and company or club outings (in German, English, French or Italian) can be booked for all the Blickachsen 12 locations.

Special group tours for children and school classes provide a straightforward and easy to understand access to the contemporary art on display in the parks. For these tours there is a bookable programme of walks and interactive tours for different age groups.

For children from 6-12 years old, two children’s holiday courses will be on offer, in which children will be able to enjoy an age-appropriate introduction to the art in a historical landscape garden, and encouraged to develop their own creative expressions.

As part of Blickachsen 12, the Children’s Art School of Bad Homburg is arranging their “Children’s Blickachsen 5” exhibition, thereby celebrating their fifth anniversary.
This double exhibition in both the city library and in the orangery in the Schlosspark will show works designed and created by children and young people in their own workshops.

The Bad Homburg Community College is also offering public tours of the Bad Homburg Kurpark, and on two dates, a Blickachsen round trip by bus, taking in five Blickachsen locations (Bad Vilbel, Frankfurt, Eberbach Monastery, Eschborn and Kronberg) with tours at the locations – and a photography course for women.

Further events accompanying Blickachsen 12 at the various locations will be announced here in due course.

Registration / bookings:

For the public tours no registration is necessary.

Individual group tours and the children’s holiday courses can be booked via the Blickachsen Foundation at:
(or by telephone on: +49 – (0) 61 72 – 6 81 19 46)